Love Samsung’s navigation gestures? They’ll change with Android Q

Love Samsung’s navigation gestures? They’ll change with Android Q

Google already has a platform called Android Auto that lives inside your car's infotainment system - but what if you don't have it, and you don't want to buy a new vehicle? "Our goal is to build a more helpful Google for everyone". It ships in three colours that are named using Google's whimsical naming system: Just Black, Clearly White and Purple-ish.

Google has been facing questions about the collection of its users' location data. Duplex can make a phone call on behalf of the user or make a reservation for dinner.

Back in October 2018 when Google updated its Android distribution dashboard, Android Pie 9.0 that was already available by then, was nowhere to be seen while its predecessor Android Oreo clocked at 21.5% of the total Android devices around the globe. The organizer, Google unveils new software, new hardware and various updates for the current apps and services.

Google I/O is usually the conference where Google announces the release of the beta version of the next version of Android, where in this case it is Android Q Beta 3.

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One other major feature that they will be introducing with the Play Store on Android TV is a "one-click" process when it comes to making app purchases, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. As Google explains, it works on any messaging app, though some users report that it's not working on their end on certain apps yet. With a single tap, Live Caption will automatically caption media that's playing audio on your phone. As soon as speech is detected, captions will appear, without ever needing Wifi or cell phone data, and without any audio or captions leaving your phone. Rather than white buttons on a black background, users will see some apps taking over larger swaths of the screen and offering more control.

While Google seems to be all-in on gestures in Android Q, what will happen to third-party OEM gestures? Focus mode will be the one that will help users to select distracting apps and silence to focus on what they are doing.

They're also updating the virtual Assistant powering its devices, with the aim to make life's little tasks easier by learning more about you.

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