Can Huawei cope without ARM chipset support?

Can Huawei cope without ARM chipset support?

Huawei's founder Ren Zhengfei has remained defiant about Washington's moves, saying the U.S. is underestimating his group's capabilities, but the truth is that lack of support from chipmakers like ARM and Qualcomm could make it impossible for Huawei to develop its own mobile ecosystem to replace Android. Right now, the company is staying quiet on pulling Windows 10 access from Huawei, but reports suggest that Microsoft Store employees have already been pulling Huawei laptops from sale.

Google has said it will comply with an order by US President Donald Trump to stop supplying Huawei, meaning current owners of Huawei phones face being cut off from updates of the Android operating system from late August.

All in all, Huawei now has to develop both hardware and software from the ground up within a short period of time while being able to compete with the big boys, without infringing any intellectual properties.

The Commerce Department said it will evaluate whether to extend the exemptions beyond 90 days.

Huawei was due to launch its Mate 20 X 5G smartphone, its premium phone and first 5G device, in the United Kingdom in early June. "We don't want to do this but we have no other solution, no other choice".

Huawei smartphones had a 14% share of the Singapore market past year, according to research firm Canalys. The carrier plans to roll out 5G in July. While the phones are capable handsets, the uncertainty over them makes them hard to shift.

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That could be a critical blow, following this week's reported decision of US-based chipmakers Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Xilinx to halt shipments to Huawei, which is the world's number two smartphone maker and a leader in telecom infrastructure and super-fast 5G networks. A phone salesperson in Manilla also told the news agency her store would only accept Huawei trade-ins at a 50% discount.

On the same day, another Japanese telecom firm KDDI Corp announced that it has put the same model on hold and will not sell it until it can be assured that the product is reliable.

A Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone is seen in a Huawei store in Shanghai on May 22, 2019.

Taiwan media ETtoday quoted Chi-Mau Sheih, the chairman and CEO, saying that his company will continue selling the existing stock.

Huawei said late Wednesday that it is working with ARM about their partnership and that it hopes the situation can be resolved.

In the past few days, Huawei has found itself in a unusual situation with the US Government.

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