10th Gen Intel Core processors unveiled at Computex 2019

10th Gen Intel Core processors unveiled at Computex 2019

Whereas Coffee Lake (and several generations of "lake" before it) have all been built around Intel's 14nm (nanometer) process and their Skylake micro architecture, Ice Lake moves things up to 10nm and introduces a brand-new core architecture known as "Sunny Cove".

Another ideal workload for Ice Lake chips is artificial intelligence.

Still, Raja Koduri, Intel's chief architect and senior vice president of architecture, software and graphics, may well have had a point when he said: "For every order of magnitude performance potential of a new hardware architecture, there are two orders of magnitude performance enabled by software". "Intel's highly integrated 10th Gen Intel Core processors give OEM partners the freedom to innovate on design and aesthetic by reducing the silicon footprint while still delivering the latest and greatest standards and world-class performance", Intel wrote in the press release today.

- The Gen11 graphics on Icelake are still being advertised as 1 TeraFLOP of compute power with up to 64 execution units.

The processors have accelerated AI performance, twice the graphic performance and nearly three times faster wireless speeds than the previous generation of processors created by Intel, the statement said.

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This comes after years of pushing back 10nm chips - Intel first announced its Cannon Lake lineup back in 2016.

- Intel is still pursuing Project Athena as an annually updated specification that is a "comprehensive innovation program" around battery life, performance / responsiveness, form factor, and other criteria for meeting this flagship Intel assessment.

Intel says it developed new "key experience indicators" based on multiple years of research into laptop users' expectations and challenges for casual as well as work-related usage.

In addition to the nine-hour battery life, a Project Athena laptop must also be capable of at least 16 hours local video playback. They will have to wake from sleep in less than one second, and perform consistently when running on battery power. It also makes it a fantastic entry level gaming solution, with Esports games like League of Legends, CS:GO, DotA 2, and PubG all playing fantastically on the Intel chip alone, no GPU required.

The processors also include Wi-Fi 6 technologies, which is the next generation of cellular interconnectivity. Now Intel wants to redefine the notebook again with project Athena and Ice Lake. It promises a long-lasting battery and Lenovo Smart Assist, a feature that leverages AI to optimise performance.

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