Apple Sidecar second screen feature revealed at WWDC 2019

Apple Sidecar second screen feature revealed at WWDC 2019

As we learned previous year, Apple was stepping away from the debacle of its cylindrical Mac Pro and bringing in actual pro users to consult with on a complete reimagining of what a Mac for professional users should offer (see "New Mac Pro Slated for 2019; May Be Modular", 6 April 2018). It's got headroom-something the trash-can Mac Pro lacked-in that Apple has engineered this thing to provide more power, more ventilation, pretty much more of everything than the current contents can even use. The MPX Module has its own dedicated heatsink, which is cooled by the Mac Pro's internal cooling fans. The electronics-maker unveiled a redesigned Mac Pro at its Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC, in San Jose.

But as impressive as it sounds, there's just something about the way the Mac Pro looks that freaks us out. With this new feature, users will have a native option for using the iPad as a small 'monitor, ' something now made possible by third-party apps. But that doesn't include a monitor, and that will set you back another $5,000.

Look for other apps to gain new features in macOS Catalina, though Apple breezed through the changes during today's keynote.

Apple looks to have delivered on its promise to deliver what the pros wanted.

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Apple's response is to break everything up, with three apps in macOS Catalina taking over for iTunes. Got my fingerprints right on the stainless steel handle. There's also a Radeon Pro Vega II Duo option-it features two Vega II GPUs for 28 TFLOPs of graphics performance and 64GB of memory, which Apple claims is "the world's most powerful graphics card".

Find My Mac will be now called Find My and will help you find your lost or stolen devices even easier - now it can be done even when the Mac is offline. The all-in-one entertainment app for Mac had largely bloated in recent years, so it's removal doesn't come as much of a surprise nor should you mourn long over the loss.

When Apple released the "trashcan" Mac Pro in 2013, it was praised for its engineering, chided for its design, and criticized for the lack of upgradability. The Apple Pro Display XDR has a total of four Thunderbolt 3 ports on the back and up to six displays can be hooked up to a single Mac Pro at once.

With prices starting at $5,999, the new Mac Pro will rank as one of Apple's most expensive - and powerful - pieces of hardware when it goes on sale this fall. In addition, Apple also announced a VESA monitor mount adapter for $199 United States dollars. The display boasts a P3 wide color gamut with 10-bit color, capable of displaying more than a billion colors accurately. Apple devices will now use secure Bluetooth beacon technology so that they're detected by other nearby Mac users who are online. For now, all Apple will say is that the base model starts at $6,000.

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