Xbox Game Pass for PC: Everything We Know So Far

Xbox Game Pass for PC: Everything We Know So Far

During its E3 press conference, Microsoft announced its Xbox Game Pass for PC. An AMD 7nm Zen 2-based, octa-core Ryzen 3000 processor is running the show, and that's backed up by a Radeon Navi-based GPU.

Microsoft / Xbox - The gaming giant's biggest news was Project Scarlett, its next-generation Xbox, coming in 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises.

Last night, Microsoft's new strategy became clear- Xbox Game Pass has now launched on PC, alongside a brand new app that collects all of the games you can install in one place without the extra fluff.

Project Scarlett will use an SSD to accelerate load times and double as virtual RAM so that between it and the SoC, it should be plenty fast and deliver up to 120 frames per second.

The lack of xCloud talk was perhaps the most baffling of all, as the cloud streaming service will fundamentally change the way we interact with our home game consoles forever. The goal of Project Scarlett is to offer gaming with no loading times, and proposed resolution and framerate peaks of 8K and 120fps, with support for ray tracing.

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By the way, Microsoft hid a tonne of keys in that trailer, all redeemed within minutes for three-months of the new Xbox Game Ultimate pass.

Blair Witch is an all-new first-person psychological horror game which has been created by the makers of Layers of Fear. The company didn't reveal many details on how its xCloud will work, but it did announce that the service will be available for public preview this October. In the game you will be challenged by tactical combat in a brutal interactive world.

Of course, any games Microsoft does publish will come to PC as well - which is great for PC gamers like me, as it means once again I won't have to splash out on an Xbox.

Rival Sony Corp has also disclosed plans of its next-generation PlayStation 5 console, with similar specifications including an AMD chip.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is £7.99/$9.99 per month. It costs $179.99 and pre-orders are available online. Among new features, the Series 2 will including a rechargeable battery with up to 40 hours of life, joysticks with tunable tension, and a shorter travel distance on the rear triggers. It goes on sale on November 4 at a price of $179.99.

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