Emotional Warriors President Bob Myers Takes Blame For Kevin Durant's Injury

Emotional Warriors President Bob Myers Takes Blame For Kevin Durant's Injury

They've lost two straight at home to Toronto in the series and are 2-5 overall against the Raptors this season.

He said Durant was also "misunderstood" and a great teammate and person.

And could the Durant injury result in Irving staying with the Celtics?

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Toronto Raptors on Monday to force a Game 6 in the NBA Finals.

"On behalf of the level-headed and true fans of Raptor Nation - from Toronto to Vancouver to Iqaluit to St. John's, and any fans living outside Canada: we wanted to say 'sorry, '" Hamzah Moin, who created the GoFundMe, wrote. We ran some nice stuff and got exactly what we wanted.

Durant's comeback proved to be hasty and when he went down in the second quarter everyone knew the worst had happened.

The next one - the next chance to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy - has arrived.

The Raptors won't mind whatsoever.

"Emotionally, it's a little tough for him".

He adds, "It's just the way things go in this game and I'm proud that I gave it all I physically could, and I'm proud my brothers got the W. It's going to be a journey but I'm built for this".

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"Parents are expecting better quality coaching and more skilled staff".

There still was no mea culpa from Nurse on the eve of Game 6 at Oracle Arena.

They have every conceivable motivation to draw from. Why had he gone from likely available mid-series, to not all available, and then suddenly in the lineup once the Warriors found themselves in a desperate 3-1 series hole?

And now the Warriors know Kevin Durant's not coming back to help the cause.

"Make sure that you come back when you feel healthy.when you feel confident enough to get back on the floor", Leonard explained.

Stephen Curry can only imagine how much Durant is hurting emotionally not being able to play - but second-guessing benefits nobody at this stage, the two-time MVP said. So we know what it's like to take those, and we can live with the make or miss.

"[The losses] all hit you hard". "Listen, I'm like anybody that was there". Listed as -550 favourites on those futures going into Game 5, the Raptors have taken a step back but still hold a clear edge as a short -260 bet on the National Basketball Association championship odds.

"You don't want to dwell on it, you don't want to harp on it, you don't want to let it seep in or leak out or let it drain you, because that can be an emotional blow if you let it", Raptors guard Danny Green said.

Asking their online users for an opinion, the Toronto Sun tweeted "WE THE NORTH: Should the Raptors have at least some Canadian-bred talent on their team?"

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