Russian media outlets urge scribe’s release

Russian media outlets urge scribe’s release

The reporter was put under house arrest by a court on Saturday, despite him maintaining that the drugs were planted.

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev admitted his guilt had "now now not been confirmed" and acknowledged an interior inquiry had been launched.

Kolokoltsev said he would seek President Vladimir Putin's permission to sack the head of a Moscow police department and another senior official in charge of drug control in the capital.

A file on the case had been despatched to criminal investigators, Mr Kolokoltsev acknowledged. The Directorate checks the legality of the actions of the MIA employees. The placard reads "I am/We are Ivan Golunov".

Mr Golunov - a writer for the Meduza website - was arrested on June 6th, accused of carrying and attempting to sell drugs.

The climb-down prompted joy from Mr Golunov's supporters, including Galina Timchenko, general director of online news portal Meduza where Golunov works.

After Golunov's release many said they would not march and some expressed anger over raging divisions, saying the authorities had once again managed to split dissenting Russians.

Officers said they had discovered the drug mephedrone in his bag and more drugs and weighing scales in a search of his home.

The interior ministry said about 1,200 people took part in the demonstration and that those arrested would face charges that could bring up to 20 days in jail, state news agency Tass reported.

Ricardo Gutiérrez of the European Federation of Journalists said, "We believe that the main objective of this police operation is to silence him and intimidate all journalists investigating the corruption of Russian officials".

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"We will be talking at that conference about media freedom - or lack of it - in Russian Federation, among other countries", she said after a talk at the International Economic Forum of the Americas in Montreal.

Supporters straight claimed the journalist used to be harmless and a victim of fabricated drug costs, which activists allege are extinct against opposition figures and human rights activists by the Russian content.

This case change into turning correct into a severe embarrassment for the Russian authorities. The officers who had arrested Golunov had been suspended and would be investigated, he said.

OVD-Info, a monitoring group, said police had detained over 400 people.

"The authorities are very much scared of the fantastic and unanimous display of solidarity in the Golunov case", Navalny said on Twitter.

What has the reaction been?

"This was the result of an unprecedented global journalistic campaign and of citizens' solidarity. We are seeing this in Latvia, where different laws are being used for the benefit of select institutions rather for the benefit of the society at large, and the number of possibilities journalists have for fighting this are constantly on the wane", said Ģiga. "That's how it should be when an injustice occurs".

The European Union also welcomed his liberate, despite continuing reservations about press freedom in Russian Federation.

The worldwide media watchdog Reporters Without Borders hailed what it called the "historic mobilisation of the Russian civil society".

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