Zarif Calls For 'Elimination' Of Dollar To Stop US 'Economic Terrorism'

Zarif Calls For 'Elimination' Of Dollar To Stop US 'Economic Terrorism'

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke out today about the heightened level of tensions between the United States and his country, saying, "Whoever starts a war with us will not be the one who finishes it".

Zarif also warned: "Whoever starts a war with us will not be the one who finishes it".

Barbara Slavin, who leads the Atlantic Council's Future Iran Initiative, told JNS that these developments are "not surprising as it is exactly what Iran said it would do after the U.S. announced a complete embargo on Iran's sale of oil".

The US "cannot expect to stay safe" after launching its economic war, Zarif said.

At a meeting of members of a lower house steering committee, it was provisionally decided that amid tensions in the region, Abe would visit Iran with the prime minister believing he could help deescalate the situation as Japan has friendly ties with both Washington and Tehran. The announcement was the most serious sign that Iran, deprived of the economic benefits it was meant to receive under the agreement by the United States' decision to violate the agreement past year, would cease complying.

Mr Amano also said he was anxious about the current tensions over the Iranian nuclear issue and called for dialogue.

US President Donald Trump, however, has since pulled the United States out of the worldwide nuclear deal and restored sanctions against Tehran that were scraped under the 2015 deal, leading to a backlash from Tehran and it opting to suspend some of its commitments under the deal.

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He expressed hope that the European states would take "more tangible and bigger practical measures" to meet Iran's expectations. However, his Emirati counterpart, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, said any new nuclear deal needed to include concerns like Iran's ballistic missile program and regional influence.

There are wars in Syria and Yemen, and it's not a war here, and we do our best to avoid a war. European countries have found themselves caught in the middle as the United States and Iran have taken increasingly aggressive postures in recent weeks.

Europeans say this undermines the pragmatist faction in Iran's leadership and strengthens hardliners.

"This war. will never be beneficial for any country and the Iranian people will resist these pressures and bullying behaviours", Iran's state TV quoted Rouhani as saying. In withdrawing from the deal, Trump pointed to the accord not limiting Iran's ballistic missile programme, nor addressing what American officials describe as Tehran's malign influence across the wider Mideast.

On Monday, Amano urged the countries involved in the Iran deal negotiations to continue dialogue with Iran in order to save the nuclear deal and prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons capabilities. No nuclear weapons for Iran.

IAEA chief Amano said he was "worried about increasing tensions over the Iranian nuclear issue".

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