76ers should be thankful Anthony Davis heading to Lakers

76ers should be thankful Anthony Davis heading to Lakers

On today's Current Sports with Al Martin we dive into the trade that has the sports world talking: Anthony Davis is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and others will be on the Laker's radar come June 30th, when free agency begins.

The Lakers had been trying to acquire 6-time All-Star Anthony Davis for months but had badly botched an in-season February trade that ultimately ruined the season for LA.

He won't be a huge impact player and he probably won't start depending on who else the Lakers bring in. Until they flesh out the roster with actual players, I'm going to reserve judgement on the Lakers being the favorite to win the whole thing.

It's always been reported that the Lakers aren't the No.1 choice for any top free agent. That will leave them far short of the $32.7 million they'd need to offer a max contract to Butler, Harris or any other free agents with 7-9 years of National Basketball Association experience.

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According to ESPN's Dave McMenamin, if the Lakers find that one of those stars wants to join the team, they will approach the New Orleans Pelicans about holding off on making the trade official until July 30.

Basically, if Butler still intends to seek a max deal, the Lakers are most likely out of the picture as a result of this David trade, which the Sixers should be all smiles about.

The Lakers now project to have just $24 million in cap room.

In a follow-up report from Wojnarowski, he points out that the Lakers are attempting to purchase second-round picks "aggressively" at this point. No matter what else the Lakers decide to do this off-season, it would be an A+ summer for snatching Davis while keeping a promising young scorer, Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers do not own a second-round pick, as they traded theirs previously and it's now held by the Atlanta Hawks, as RealGM detailed.

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