Quinnipiac poll shows Kamala Harris on Joe Biden's tail

Quinnipiac poll shows Kamala Harris on Joe Biden's tail

Of those who did one or the other, 47 percent say Harris did the best job in the recent debates, followed by Warren at 17 percent, Biden at 6 percent, and Sanders at 5 percent.

Harris' average support jumped to 14.7% on Wednesday, up from 7% on June 25, the day before the two-day debate started. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and a slide for the early front-runner, former Vice President Joe Biden.

The surge in support for Harris in the Quinnipiac poll - and Biden's fall - was roughly mirrored in the polls conducted by CNN and by Politico/Morning Consult. A broad plurality, 45%, says Biden has the best chance to beat President Donald Trump in the general election, but only 18% say he has new ideas, trailing Sanders, Warren and Harris alike.

Their only hope may be that now, as Kamala Harris clearly took that first round of debates, she will be the target of every other candidate, and they will be digging deep into her controversial record as a prosecutor.

The rest of the candidates trailed in single digits: South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 3 percent, Sen.

Biden, who served as vice president under Barack Obama and has been seen as the frontrunner in the race, saw his support drop to 22 percent in the new Quinnipiac poll from 30 percent in the June 11 survey.

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Harris, the 54-year-old junior senator from California, picked up substantial backing, meanwhile, from Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters in the polls conducted by Quinnipiac University, CNN and Politico/Morning Consult. In polls that followed immediately, Harris first claimed the No 3 slot, wresting it from Warren and then No 2, displacing Sanders, who had come to own that position, having held it steadily for months, by a wide margin behind Biden though. Among those who had picked a candidate, only about 35 per cent said they were "completely certain" they had made up their minds.

The poll suggests a substantial upswing for Harris and a notable decline for the former vice president.

"When it comes to policy ideas, Senator Elizabeth Warren scores higher than any of the Democratic presidential contenders".

While the five minute exchange between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden proved to be the prime reason for the rise in her supporters, it would be interesting to see if she can successfully turn the tide in nearly every major issue in her favor and win the support of the colored people as well.

Seven percent said Sen. But the poll notably breaks down support both among those who watched last week's debates and those who didn't.

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