Two Americans, Spaniard gored in Spain’s Pamplona bull run

Two Americans, Spaniard gored in Spain’s Pamplona bull run

The 46-year-old American required surgery after being gored in the neck towards the end of the 850-metre course.

Two young Spanish men were also taken to hospital with head injuries, officials said.

One of several bull running fiestas held around Spain every year, San Fermin was made famous when it featured in USA author Ernest Hemingway's novel "The Sun Also Rises".

The incident, which took place in the city's old quarter, left six people wounded, including the three persons who were gored during the first bull run or "encierro", CNN quoted a statement from Royal Navarre Hospital.

The festival, which draws thousands of people around the world, kicked off on Saturday in Pamplona in northern Spain with pomp and gaiety.

The BBC reports that, in total, 16 people have died at the Pamplona bull run since 1910 when records of the event began.

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The San Fermin festival and the running of the bulls was immortalised in Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises".

The first run of this year's festival run featured bulls from the Puerto de San Lorenzo cattle breeder.

He was reportedly hospitalized after being gored by a bull in the leg.

The Red Cross treated 48 other people with less serious injuries, including two who were trampled by the bulls. On the opening day of the festival previous year, one person was gored.

The Pamplona city council said this was part of their "commitment to continue working for a festival in which men and women can freely and safely enjoy themselves".

"Supporting the bull runs is the same as supporting bullfighting, as the same bulls that run in the mornings will later be tortured and killed in the bullring", said Aida Gascon, spokesperson for AnimalNaturalis.

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