7-Eleven Offers Free Slurpees On 7/11

7-Eleven Offers Free Slurpees On 7/11

Thursday is July 11, and convenience store chain 7-Eleven is celebrating its namesake day with free Slurpees for everyone.

From 7 a.m.to 11 p.m. today, customers can pick up a free small Slurpee inside stores. If you play your cards right, you can even score two more drinks using 7-Eleven's apps. Remember, this promotion ends at 7 PM wherever you are, so get your Slurpee before it's over. The coupon is good through August 12, so don't feel like you have to suffer brain freeze today to take advantage of the deal.

7-Eleven began giving out free Slurpees in 2002 to celebrate its 75th birthday.

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July 11 may just seem like an ordinary Thursday - until you realize that it's 7-11.

Word is the featured Slurpee flavor is blueberry lemonade, while the Slurpee lite flavor is sugar-free cherry limeade. They're also selling accessory bottles and straws for anyone who wants to spend some money on the free drink.

Visit the store locator to find a 7-Eleven near you. Beyond drinks, there are deals on snacks with $1 Big Bite hot dogs, pizza slices, and cherry Slurpee-flavored cookies.

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