Israeli fighter jets ‘can reach anywhere in the Mideast,’ Netanyahu warns Iran

Israeli fighter jets ‘can reach anywhere in the Mideast,’ Netanyahu warns Iran

Pence said the US's actions have succeeded in "cutting off" Iran's ability to support terrorism in the Middle East, but he also charged that Iran had increased its "malign activity and violence in the region" over the past several months.

The European signatories to the Iran nuclear deal, along with the EU's diplomatic chief, on Tuesday urged Tehran to reverse breaches of the accord, as tensions over it grow. Iran's deputy foreign minister says that his nation considers the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers to be a "valid document".

Iran announced on Sunday it will shortly boost its uranium enrichment above a cap set by a landmark 2015 nuclear deal, a major breach likely to draw a tougher reaction from President Donald Trump, who has pressured Tehran to renegotiate the pact.

In May, the US dispatched a carrier group, bombers and fighter jets to the Persian Gulf region in response to alleged Iranian threats. The enrichment of uranium is made for one reason and one reason only: "It's for the creation of atomic bombs".

Macron and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani agreed in a weekend conversation to set a July 15 deadline to solve the current impasse, and ultimately save the 2015 nuclear accord that the USA pulled out of past year. Emmanuel Bonne, a French presidential envoy, is in Iran this week for talks aimed at resolving the crisis.

"Iran has violated its solemn promise under the UN Security Council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level", he said.

"We strongly urge Iran to stop and reverse all activities that are inconsistent with the commitments" it had made under the global agreement, the European Union said in Brussels. Macron and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani agreed last weekend to set a July 15 deadline to resolve the uranium enrichment issue.

Last month, Iran shot down a USA drone, after which Trump said he ordered retaliatory air raids on Iran, only to cancel them at the last minute.

Kamalvandi said, "We will not allow the balance to be one-sided and for us to have commitments and not have any benefits".

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But Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi warned against any escalatory response.

While Iran's recent measures to increase enrichment and break its low-enriched uranium stockpile limit could be easily reversed, Europe has struggled to respond, even after getting a 60-day warning that the increase was coming.

In a sign of heightening tensions, France, Germany and Britain - all parties to the deal - expressed concerns over the step taken by Tehran, its latest effort to force the West to lift sanctions ravaging its limping economy.

"We've implemented the strongest pressure campaign in history against the Iranian regime, and we are not done", Pompeo noted.

"We hope for the best, but the United States of America and our military are prepared to protect our interests and to protect our personnel and citizens in the region", Pence said.

Iran's uranium enrichment level passed 4.5 percent on Monday, exceeding the 2015 nuclear deal cap, Iranian Iranian Atomic Energy Organization's spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said.

A few days ago, the British forces seized an Iranian tanker in the United Kingdom territory of Gibraltar when it was allegedly carrying oil to Syria in violation of the European Union sanctions.

While immensely popular to begin with, the nuclear deal has now lost some of its appeal among supporters in Iran.

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