Nintendo lightens the load with Switch Lite

Nintendo lightens the load with Switch Lite

Indeed, recent rumours suggested that the Switch Lite would be joined by another new model later this year.

The new Switch is called the Switch Lite, and it's basically a variant of the Nintendo Switch dedicated to handheld gaming, using much the same internal hardware, but changing the external design a little.

The Switch was a blockbuster for Nintendo when it launched in 2017.

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An upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch makes a lot of business sense for Nintendo as it's one of their most popular consoles and gamers definitely wouldn't mind getting their hands on more storage and bigger screens. If you are interested in playing games like 1-2-Switch then you will need to buy separate joycons.

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Another possibility could be increased battery life. For the budget-minded gamer, the Switch Lite's low price point could very well be what convinces them to pick it up over a standard Switch console.

Game giant Nintendo has announced the release of a scaled back, cheaper version of its runaway success "Switch" game console, expected out in September ahead of the key holiday shopping season. The new handheld comes in three fun colors, plays almost all existing Switch games (digital or cartridge), and has a wee bit longer battery life. I want it (in turquoise no less), but the more I look into the handheld's features, the more the Switch Lite seems like it might disappoint existing Switch owners like myself. This means that it will most likely not work with Labo.

According to a report by the Verge, Nintendo recently filed a Class II Permission Change request with the Federal Communications Commission in regards to the Switch.

But it's also a next-generation experiment that will cost you close to $500, and if you have no plans to share your games or dock with a TV, it can be a tad pricey. You still need to charge it frequently but the additional battery life is something that the fans will appreciate.

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