They Say Video Games Make You Violent, But Probably People Are Just Garbage

Today, I’m handing my site over to Phyllis Sanders. Long story short: I lost my website for a day in a game of Pinochle I mistakenly wandered into because I was too drunk to find my way home. Actually…that’s the whole story.

Phyllis wants me to tell you that she is a mother of 12, grandmother of 113, a devoted Baptist, the founder and CEO of “Less Gaming, More Goding” and one hell of a Pinochle  player, bitches. She said “a good Pinochle player” but I keeps it real.

I am in no way responsible for the following post. Over to you, Phyllis:

white ladyApproximation of Phyllis. Phyllis doesn’t believe in photography claiming it, “steals your soul.”


Humans Are Violent Garbage Ever Since Pong

Many people are unaware that Pre-Pong, there was almost no video game related violent crime. Coincidence? I think not. That’s just solid logic. In fact, in many psychological studies the abbreviation, “P.P” for Pre-Pong is so well known now this is the standard way to describe the violence before and after video games. This is based on the scads of research papers I’ve read written by the other women in my church. The term “A.P” is our current era, and as you might have surmised that abbreviation stands for “After Pong.”

You might say, “But what about war, what about pillaging, what about burning people alive for being heretics?” Nonsense. That’s not video game related and doesn’t count. Not only was much of that violence God’s will, but it was also to expand empires. And Empires are often of divine origin, so yes, also God’s will.

But this video game violence is just unacceptable. It doesn’t have a noble purpose like war does, for example. Or fighting to get heathens to believe in a Christian God. My grandson is an absolute menace! Screaming at the computer, “Die, Noob!” It breaks my heart to hear those words. It’s not how I raised him to behave. I have to watch my grandson several days a week  while my son works his second job, so I know what I’m talking about. Here’s the effects of video games on my grandson:


Jackson Hunter Brandon Sanders the 3rd

I was simply furious when we went to state mandated family counseling and the “therapist” suggested that my son’s withdrawn nature and subsequently, my grandson’s depression were a result of me being “rigid” or “judgmental” or “verbally abusive” or “never sparing the rod to spoil the child” or yelling “you’re a complete disappointment to your father and me”or “you’ll burn in hell!” whenever they stepped out of line. I’m to blame? Me?!

Hogwash. It’s video games.

So much awful misinformation out there. I read in a magazine at my Doctor’s office that violence can’t actually be linked to video games, the article even claimed that as a whole, human violence is at an all time low, despite gun violence in our country. It suggested stricter gun regulations to boot! This is America, you will never take our guns, you communist monsters. And, get ready to bust a gut, it even said we should pay more attention to mental health, and increase our tax dollars to ensure a better health care system.

Nonsense. It’s video games.

I heard on one of the many talk radio stations I listen to, which are usually very good, attribute American gun violence to the systematic break down of the American family. They said, and I quote, “The culture that beats the drum of “Family Values” yet does everything it can to make sure families have no time together: a slave level minimum wage so parents often work two jobs just to survive, abysmal or no maternity leave, and children in daycare most of the day with almost no time spent with their parents.” Apparently in Europe they have more “human rights” or something. Then go live in Europe, you lazy freeloaders!

They even went on to suggest it’s largely greedy billionaires like the Koch brothers and the top 1% that are destroying the American family. Apparently there is an underlying anger in today’s youth, not having spent enough time with their parents. Oh, brother, is that a load of garbage. Go cry somewhere else, hippie. We are a capitalist society, and those are the rules. They think American greed is responsible for violence?

Utter garbage. It’s video games.

Finally, I read that video games have been shown to decrease violence because it’s like fantasy play and it relieves aggression. Wrong. Video Games CAUSE aggression. My word!

But this evil has been in our culture since Satan first gave the apple to Eve. The evil just keeps getting delivered through different sources. Before video games it was rock music, before that it was jazz, before that it was playing cowboys and Indians, before that it was medieval toys like ball in a cup, before that it was the Ancient Greeks carving nudy statues, and before that, violence was caused by hitting each other in the head with a rock in your cave….

The point it this: there’s always a very simple reason why humans are violent. There’s no need to dig deep here. The best answer is always the simplest answer. A lifetime as a Baptist’s Minister’s wife taught me that. You want a safe, happy America again? Get rid of video games. The end.


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